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Our mica products are bought from providers that have been validated for many years by numerous users around the world.

Mica material for fire-resistant cables is available in two different grades: phlogopite mica, whose colour varies from brown to green, and calcined muscovite mica, which has a white colour.

In order to adapt to the insulation properties required by the customer’s application, it is also possible to choose different mica paper thicknesses.

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All products can be backed with two different types of support that insure the mechanical resistance of the mica material when inside the taping machines: glass fibre fabric or polyethylene film.

All variants are in stock.


For sanitary reasons, the WIRE exhibition that should have taken place in March in Düsseldorf will finally be held from 7 to 11 December 2020. We will be pleased to welcome you at our new booth 13E05 (iso 13D15).


During the event, MICA TAPES Europe will present a world premiere: a brand new MICA-FREE  fire-resistant tape. Named M-TapE, this new solvent free fire-resistant tape is in line with our environmental philosophy, making MTE the forerunner in the production of fire-resistant tapes. In this article, we explain the assets of this technology that will give future customers important competitive advantages.