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Phlogopite mica tape backed with polyester film

phlogopite mica tape pe filmMica tapes for fire-resistant cables are reinforced with high temperature resistant silicone resin. The resin is there to ensure mica cohesion and mica adhesion to its support. All together the various components offer effective fire resistance with zero halogen emission.

This type of tape will be chosen when the application requires high flexibility of the product, as for instance is the case for the manufacturing of very thin fire-resistant cables.

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Mica paper thickness is an important variable that has to be decided upon in relation with the performance aimed at. The overlapping rate of the mica tape as well as the number of layers around the conductor will also determine the fire-resistant capability of the cables.

The labelling of our products is quite transparent:

  • P : stands for the type of Phlogopite mica used,
  • 0.12 : refers to the thickness of the product,
  • PE : refers to the support backing the mica paper, here Polyester film.
  • 24 : refers to the weight of the support per m2, here 24 g/m2

For instance, P-0.12 PE24 is a 0.12 mm thick tape made up of phlogopite mica with a 24 g/m2 Polyester backing.

The following products are in stock at MTE: P-0.12 PE24, P-0.14 PE24.
The standard range of MTE tapes are used for the manufacturing of fire-resistant cables according to the most common national and international norms, such as IEC 331, BS6387CWZ or DIN 4102 part12. These norms establish the cable performances univocally. They offer a way of judging of the quality of mica protection and cable construction.

Please contact us if your applications require configurations that are not in our standards.

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Mica Tapes Europe registers a PCT patent for its new mica-free fire-resistant tape and licences the production to its Chinese partner company Jiaxing L&R Industries Co. Ltd.