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M-TapE : Ceramic tape for fire resistant cables Mica free fire resistance tape

from 15eur/kg

We are particularly proud to introduce our new product onto the market after Zheijang CTI Foresight Testing Co. Ltd. laboratory, located in Hangzhou, recently validated the fire performance of MTE’s new mica-free tape according to IEC 60331-21 standard.

 This mica-free tape is unique in the world. It can pass the integrity test (IEC 60331-21) at 1000/600 V at 830 °C for 180 min with 2 layers and 50% overlapping. For lower tensions, 400/250 V, only one layer 50% overlapping is required to comply with the standard in the same conditions.

Our new tape has already been described in detail in previous articles, but we take here the opportunity to highlight the technological advances of this mica-free tape:

  • Complying with IEC 60331-11 1000/600 V @ 830 °C – 3 hours
  • Same customizing as mica tapes (wrapping machine, pads, spools, width from 4 mm to 60 mm)
  • No dust, no flakes, no delamination, no fibres
  • High-density pads due to layers not sticky
  • No collapsing of the pads/spools because high-density pads
  • No adhesion of the tape with the copper wire when unwound
  • Breakdown voltage: 3 kV/layer
  • Reduction of the thickness of the inner insulation
  • Average: 1 splice/5000M
  • 2-week delivery time

The M-TapE is now continuing its validation with the cooperation of cable manufacturers who have testified the advantages of replacing traditional technology with our ceramic tape. To meet the high market demand, MTE has been partnering with the Chinese company Jiaxing L&R Industries Co. Ltd. to produce M-TapE under licence. Jiaxing L&R Industries Co. Ltd. is well known as a high-grade quality manufacturer of mica products. Recently established in its new plant in the Huzhou area, L&R has the resources and tools to manufacture and test an M-TapE complying with the highest standards.

Jiaxing L&R Industries Co. will also oversee the sales of M-TapE in China and Asia. All required information can be obtained from David Zhang ( who will take great care of your requests.

MTE will be in charge of the sales of the M-TapE in Europe and the Middle East. All information can be obtained from