Mica-free tape backed with glass fibre fabric

M-TapE Mica-free tape backed with glass fibre fabric

We are particularly proud to introduce our new product, recently approved as mica-free fire resistant tape according to IEC 60331-21 standard.

This mica-free tape is unique in the world. It can pass the integrity test (IEC 60331-21) at 1000/600 V at 830 °C for 180 minutes with 2 layers and 50 percent overlapping. For lower tensions (400/250 V), only one layer with 50 percent overlapping is required to comply with the standard in the same conditions.The M-TapE is now continuing its validation with the cooperation of cable manufacturers who have confirmed the advantages of replacing traditional technology with our ceramic tape.

Points of interest

  • Low environmental impact
  • No dust
  • Mica free

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M-TapE key information

Our new tape has already been described in detail in previous articles, but down below we highlight the technological advances of our mica-free tape.

  • Complying with IEC 60331-11 1000/600 V @ 830 °C – 3 hours;
  • Same customizing possibilities as with mica tapes (wrapping machines, pads, spools, width from 4 mm to 60 mm);
  • No dust, no flakes, no delamination, no fibres;
  • High-density pads due to layers non-sticky;
  • No collapsing of the pads/spools because of high-density pads;
  • No adhesion of the tape with the copper wire when unwound;
  • Breakdown voltage: 3 kV/layer;
  • Reduction of the thickness of the inner insulation;
  • Average: 1 splice/5000M;
  • 2-week delivery time.

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