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Supply forms

General description

Vertical Taping MachineMica tapes for fire-resistant cables come in two forms, commonly known as reels (or pads) and (traverse wound) spools. Both forms are made available by MTE. The process can be represented with the following flowchart:

  • Stock of 1 000 mm wide and 1 000 m long mica rolls (master rolls)
  • Cutting machine => end-product in pads
  • Spooling machine => end-product in spools

Depending on the type of taping machines used to tape the mica material around the copper conductor, the tapes required are either reels or spools.

The traditional taping machines require the reel form of tapes (see picture). It is available in all cut widths ranging from 4 to 30 mm. Should you need wider pads, please contact us. The standard lengths correspond to 250, 330, 500 and 1000 linear meters. The outside diameter of the reel depends on the length of the tape and the thickness of the mica paper.

More recently, high speed vertical taping machines have come onto the market. These work with spools of mica tapes (see picture). For mechanical reasons, the widths are smaller, ranging from 4 to 15 mm, but the tape lengths are far bigger, sometimes reaching a few thousand linear meters.

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All variants of our products are available in reels: phlogopite or muscovite, in different thicknesses and backed with glass fibre fabric or polyethylene film. All dimensions (length and width) can also be provided (on a 76 mm (3″) core), but the standard dimensions that reduce machine downtime and material waste come in the best prices.

For your information, the outside diameters of the reels are given in the table below in relation to product variants and tape length for standard dimensions.

                                      mica tape pad with 76 mm core

Maximum outer diameter pad for mica tapes

Please feel free to contact us if your technical specifications demand a specific type of product. We’ll be happy to put our knowledge and expertise to the benefit of your company.

Our large stock of 1 000 mm wide mica master rolls means all ordered widths can be immediately cut up and delivered to our customers within a few days.


Wound spools offer a technical solution to significantly increase the productivity of taping machines. Indeed, once set up in the machine, the spools can provide up to a few kilometres of mica tapes that can be taped around the conductor continuously. Spools are particularly well adapted to little tape widths (between 4 and 10 mm wide). The dimensions of the spools are customer specific, but with our cutting machines all customers’ requests in widths and outside diameters can be met.

Just as for pads, all our product variants – in phlogopite, calcined muscovite and in both backings – can be delivered in the form of spools. Our cutting and spooling machines make it possible for us to supply our customers within a few days anywhere across Europe.

For your information, the maximum standard characteristics of our spools are given in the table below.

Dimensions - Spool Mica Tapes

Please feel free to contact us if your needs are any different from the described standards.


We have the pleasure to introduce you to our new product!

Today, we are launching the sale of high-quality mica sheets so as to increase our offer and satisfy the needs of all our customers.