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Our Company

Mica tapesMica tapes Europe (MTE) is a center of excellence in mica products. The company's owners enjoy a great experience in mica products gained over more than 25 years working with the major European, Asian and American users.

The company was born out of 2 challenges:

  • a technical challenge: the building of our own manufacturing process,
  • a logistic challenge: short delivery time.

MTE has now also become the exclusive European representative and technical support of its supplier, whose production plant uses MTE’s mica production technology and automation. This exclusive source of mica product is a new step in MTE’s development which guarantees the stability of the quality of our products, ensures competitive prices and direct contact with the factory engineers in case of specific requirements.

What’s more, MTE has a large stock of mica products, its own cutting machines, and is located in Belgium, at the very heart of Europe. This all put together allows for short delivery periods.

To sum up:

Mica tapes Europe means

  • the Mastery of mica and its applications
  • a customer-oriented team with high-quality tools and machines to meet the technical specifications requested by customers
  • a large stock in the whole range of products and its ideal geographical location for short delivery time