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Our Company

Mica tapesMica tapes Europe (MTE) is a team of mica specialists - the company's owners - who enjoy a great experience in mica products gained over more than 25 years working with the major European, Asian and American users.

The company was born out of 2 challenges:

  • a technical challenge: the building of our own product impregnation line,
  • a logistic challenge : short delivery time.

Taking advantage of its specialists' great experience in mica products and good understanding of their customers' needs, MTE has met the technical challenge by developing its own impregnation process, which enables the company to produce its own phlogopite and calcined muscovite parent rolls using carefully selected raw materials: mica paper, glass cloth and silicone resine. To guarantee its customers products complying with international standards (IEC, DIN, NF, etc.), MTE has consequently invested in a test laboratory which continuously assesses the production line quality performance.

What's more, the team's first-hand knowledge of mica market has led MTE to realize that end users require short delivery periods. Meeting such demands means having at its disposal a large stock of unprocessed products readily available and flexible customizing lines. This is precisely MTE's specificity: Because MTE is its own mica tape producer, it guarantees its customers high-quality, competitive prices, short delivery periods and great flexibility.

MTE is a stock of a few hundred thousand square meters of unprocessed mica products made up of 1 000 mm wide mica rolls. Add to this operating machinery comprising cutting and spooling machines, and you get 4 to 50mm wide mica spools or mica pads as an end-product. Such tools enable MTE to provide a high level of customization and specific finishing work completed close to mica users. A simple but efficient organisation for a quick and safe delivery of fire-resistant mica tapes!

The standard range of products comprises phlogopite mica tapes and calcined muscovite mica tapes reinforced with glass fibre fabric or PE film. For technical specifications, click here.

MTE can also manufacture mica tapes on the basis of specific customer requirements. For such requests, contact us.

To sum up, Mica tapes Europe means

  • Mastery of mica and its applications
  • High-quality tools and machines to meet the technical specifications requested by customers
  • Large stock in the whole range of products
  • Ideal geographical location for short delivery time


We have the pleasure to introduce you to our new product!

Today, we are launching the sale of high-quality mica sheets so as to increase our offer and satisfy the needs of all our customers.