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E-Combi : Superwool (LBP) - Mica laminate to protect the coil of the induction furnace Biosoluble paper-mica laminate

rolls from 75eur

Free of halogens and toxic gases,the biosoluble paper-mica tape is used to protect the coil of the induction furnace in case of leakage of the crucible.
The mica placed on the surface of the oven provides a slippery surface for the extraction the crucible with the push-out system ( biosoluble paper in contact with the crucible)
The biosoluble paper-phlogopite mica tape consists of biosoluble paper, a thick phlogopite mica paper which is steeped in a specific high temperature binder and strengthened thanks to a glass cloth inside the mica.
Even if the silicone binder is converted into inorganic dioxide when the mica is exposed to high temperature , the mica keeps a high electrical insulation at high temperature.
Moreover, this mica product produces no toxicity at all and therefore there is no need of any specific protection.

Using temperature : 750°C
Standard width : 1000 mm
Standard lengths : 10 M and 20 M.
Any other dimensions upon request.

Technical Specifications

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