E-Foil Adhesiveness

E-Foil Adhesiveness

The automobile industry relies on various components and material to produce safe and reliable vehicles. In this example, we explain how Mica Tapes Europe addressed a technical challenge faced by one of its customers. The challenge lay around achieving a proper adhesiveness between our E-Foil product and another element during the assembly process.

Customer background

Our customer works in the automobile manufacturing industry. It is known for producing high-quality automotive pieces. They approached Mica Tapes Europe to find a specific mica solution for a part of their final products. We recommended the E-foil.


The way our customer used the E-Foil led to a significant issue regarding our product’s adhesiveness. Our customer was unable to find an effective method to have our product stick with another element in the assembly process.

Solution provided

To provide the best technical solution, we had to conduct a thorough investigation.

We offered a solution that could be implemented by our customer within a business day.

Mica Tapes Europe successfully addressed the adhesiveness challenge submitted by its customer. It was possible because of its knowledge and expertise of mica and its applications.

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