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This page is devoted to our company’s latest developments.
Here you will learn about our new products and projects and about our way of meeting our customers’ needs and requirements. You will be given information about new trends in services and will be told about our sense of customer service. In other words, we will show you why MICA TAPES EUROPE is a leading partner.

We have the pleasure to introduce you to our new product!

Today, we are launching the sale of high-quality mica sheets so as to increase our offer and satisfy the needs of all our customers.

After two years of research, Mica Tapes Europe is very glad to introduce its new MICA-FREE tape on the market.

Named M-TapE, this new solvent free fire-resistant tape is in line with our environmental philosophy, making MTE the forerunner in the production of fire-resistant tapes. In this article, we explain the assets of this technology that will give future customers important competitive advantages.