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The use of M-TapE is the same as traditional mica tape. With a thickness of 0.11 mm, it is available in widths from 4 to 1000 mm and can be delivered in pads or spools (Edge n°1).

We have calculated that compared to regular mica tapes, our new technology reduces the environmental impact by 2.5 T of CO2 per ton of tape (Edge n°2).

M-TapE technology is waterless unlike mica technology, which uses 9 T of water per ton of mica paper (Edge n°3).

The control of our process gives us the opportunity to deliver 8000 M long splice-free tapes (Edge n°4).

Thanks to the nature of the resins, our product is not sensitive to humidity (Edge n°5), does not create dust during wrapping and never sticks between layers (Edge n°6 & 7). This makes it possible to produce tapes that are tightly wound and therefore pose no risk of collapse (Edge n°8).  Reinforced with high quality glass cloth, the product can be processed at very high speeds. These advantages make our M-TapE much more reliable than mica technology. Ageing tests lead us to believe that when the product is shielded from light,  its properties will not be altered for at least 5 years, which facilitates stock management (Edge n°9).

Unlike mica-based ribbon, our M-TapE does not stick to the conductor when wrapped. There is therefore no risk of creating a hot spot at the cable connection since the electrical insulation can be removed as easily as the inner insulation. This is a considerable advantage that guarantees the end user complete operational safety of the cable after installation (Edge n°10).

With a dielectric strength of 3KV per layer, twice that of mica tape, it is possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the inner insulation and thus reduce costs (Edge n°11). Since our M-TapE can be colored in black, brown, blue or yellow, it can be used in some cases as an inner insulator and  thus remove a step in the production process of the cable (Edge n°12).

Laboratory tests show that 1 layer 50% overlapping  passes IEC 60331-12 (with shocks) 500/300 V - 950°C - for 3 hours (Edge n°13).

All these advantages will change the world of fire-resistant cable.